About the Author

In the mid-1990s, I began a journey to diligently study the Scriptures. It has been a humbling journey because I had to correct some beliefs I had that were not taught in the Scriptures. On this journey, I have come to embrace Reformed theology. On this journey, I have taught theology classes as well as “officer training” courses for prospective elders and deacons in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination in Arizona. I am a layperson whose training and background is in accounting and finance and not theology. I had a forty five-year career as a certified public accountant, financial consultant, and corporate turnaround specialist. I do not have any seminary training, including the important training in the biblical languages of Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek. I have come to appreciate the importance of such language training in order to properly exegete biblical texts. Therefore, in compiling these books, I consulted a number of gifted biblical language experts (both contemporary and noncontemporary) who have written biblical commentaries and whose exegetical work I have come to trust. I am deeply indebted to these Christian biblical language and exegetical experts who have worked assiduously to both know and make known the truths of Scripture.


Author’s Testimony

I am trusting in Jesus Christ and Him alone for my salvation. That makes me one of the most blessed persons on planet earth. Jesus lived the life I could not live and then bore the wrath of God on my behalf at Calvary. I was chosen by God before creation to be a recipient of His free gift of love, grace, and mercy, and therefore I will inherit eternal life and live ad infinitum with my Savior, no thanks to anything worthy or meritorious in me. I can identify with John Newton who wrote: Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see.* I am so blessed because I have had a heart transplant— spiritually, that is (reference Ezekiel 36:26)—so that I might believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and grow in union with Him. I was also born spiritually blind but given spiritual eyesight. Eyes that now see and seek Christ. The unbelievable thing (at least from my limited human perspective) is that God chose me, even with His intimate foreknowledge of my wretchedness, because this choosing served His Master Plan of history. So, when asked, why would God elect to save a wretched sinner such as myself, I can only answer that His choosing is unknown to me except that it served His divine purpose. I do know that there is no attribute in me worthy or meritorious of His choosing. It is quite possible that His purpose for choosing anyone has something to do with the magnification of His glory, His love, His mercy, His grace, His goodness and His greatness that perfectly fits His master plan for history.


*Newton, John. “Amazing Grace.” 1779.