About This Book

I wrote this book so that my fellow Christians could better understand and benefit from Jesus’ teachings in His Olivet Discourse recorded in Matthew 24. Jesus gives prophecies and warnings in His Olivet Discourse that are paramount for Christians to understand today, as we live in an increasingly lawless, heathenistic, and iniquitous world that despises, ridicules, and persecutes Christians. It is a world that more and more blinds itself from the truth of God and believes the falsehoods of the devil. This book is written as a narrative of Jesus’ teaching given shortly before His crucifixion. It is written in a user-friendly and easy-to-read format so that Christians can more easily be informed and transformed by what Jesus wishes to teach us.

Matthew 24 is one of the more difficult chapters in the Bible to understand. What makes this chapter challenging to understand is that it contains a significant number of prophetic statements made by Jesus that have multiple fulfillments—both near and distant—which are interwoven throughout the chapter. For some verses in this expository study of Matthew 24, I provide several possible interpretations, including the interpretation most favored by a majority of Reformed biblical scholars.